If you have an MGA membership, you may register as a Competitor or a Guest for any MGA event anywhere (unless you pissed off a Chapter Leader and he banned you).

  • Competitor - If you want to compete for "Money" and trophies, you must register as a competitor. However, you may only play as a competitor once a year in each tournament (e.g. just one F.U. Open or just one Bratish each season). So make sure you register as a competitor anytime you play in your home chapter.
    • Any "money" you win when you're registered as a Competitor will go towards your Global "Money" List total and the Chapter "Money" List of whatever chapter you just played that event in.
  • Guest - You may play as a guest as many times as you like. That's because you don't count in the results or win any awards. You're just there to have fun. 

If you plan on playing in any MGA tournament, you must register through the site before the event registration deadline. This makes things WAY easier on the Chapter Leader when he's trying to plan the event.